Onyx Ashanti - Short

Here's a new Far Off Short from our upcoming episode with Onyx Ashanti, a Detroit-based artist living in a basement with only an extension cord from a nearby unit. When he's not traveling the world having sonic conversations about evolution and technology, he's using a 3D printer made from recycled electronics to work on wearable kinetic modular digital synthesizers.

In Search of the A'Reng - Short

We went to the central highlands of Vietnam, where Mai Sen, keeper of the Pacoh musical traditions, played us this song about a lonely old man who's handsome but too old to catch a wife.

Tomita Story - Short

Tomita, the man who brought the synth to Japan, died yesterday. His influence in Japanese music is hard to overstate. But, through a strange childhood coincidence, he also inspired the rogue outdoor noise scene of Tampa. Todd Lynne's "Tomita story" originally ended up on the cutting room floor of our 2013 episode. In honor of Tomita's passing, we're releasing it today as a Far Off Short. 

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Microtonal Man - Short

Grammy-winning microtonal wizard John Schneider played us this song by Harry Partch, inspired by a centuries-old Japanese Haiku. Many generations at work in this here Far Off Short. 

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Mister Moonbeam Plays "Modern Love" - Short

We found Mister Moonbeam while walking down Sunset Blvd one night. He was glowing in a store window, like a mannequin with a soul, playing five instruments at once and serenading surprised walkers from behind a wall of glass. 

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Synthesize Me - Short

Here's a Far Off Short for ya, Susan Schneider aka The Space Lady performs one of her original songs "Synthesize Me".

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Dave Bixby and the Edmund Fitzgerald - Short

40 years ago today, under gloomy November skies, the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior. In salutation, here's a beautiful cover by psych folk legend Dave Bixby that never made it into our episode 'God's Singing Man'. Enjoy!

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